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The Year in Review – Reflection Guide

Building on last week’s topic on celebrating ourselves, we’re ready to take a look back on 2023 with The Year in Review. Let’s rewind the year and hit the replay button. What happened?

·       How did you grow?

·       What changed that you set out to change?

·       Is there a specific achievement you’d like to lay claim to?

·       Was there a miscalibration or a new awareness that led to a change mid-year?

·       If you fell short, share that too and what you learned.

In the spirit of being celebrated and honored what changed or started to change for you in 2023 that you put your attention on? Use this organizer if you need help getting started:

Social Life – environment and community

Business Life – money, finance, career and work

Life Purpose – growth, learning and spirituality

Love Life – family, friends, partners and love

Creative Life – health, fitness, fun and recreation

To kickstart your Year in Review consider this organizer; each segment encapsulates different aspects of personal growth and development.

My Story

This year has been marked by significant personal growth for me, particularly things I put my attention on. From securing new clients to embarking on a 30-day tech-free journey through awe-inspiring landscapes between Idaho and the most northern reaches of the Artic. I wrote this blog consistently beginning in the spring and immersed myself in Pilates and yoga classes that reinforced my focus and determination.

Challenges and Adaptations: Alongside these triumphs were moments of recalibration. Not every goal was achieved seamlessly. Some had to be adjusted mid-year due to newfound awareness or unforeseen obstacles. I worked with my coach to help me embrace flexibility (I tend to be rigid when stressed) when needed to realign goals. They also helped me when I was getting in my own way – in other words, when I was the obstacle.

Preparation and Focus

Celebrating achievements and assimilating lessons from setbacks are integral to the journey. They are testament to our resilience and adaptability. Collectively, by welcoming changes, victories, and lessons, we are weaving the fabric of our lives.

In my consultations with clients at this time of year, finding joy in appraising successful strategies and exploring adjustments for what didn't work becomes a fulfilling process.

Remember, let’s stay grounded in the experiences of 2023. The upcoming blog will provide ample space to craft goals for 2024. Focusing on the present year ensures a more insightful reflection and a clearer path forward.

Looking to navigate a new path in 2024 with the guidance of a coach? I have openings for seven new clients in the upcoming year. Reach out, and let's arrange a call to explore how we can work together.


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