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Business Executives – The Short Fuse

The tendency to have a short fuse is apparent both at work and at home. In professional settings, individuals often maintain a facade of calm focus, concealing any inner turmoil they may be experiencing. Some executives tightly control their emotions due to the perceived risk of displaying anger. However, emotions simmer beneath the surface, potentially leading to greater challenges if not addressed.

The Client

My client shared that while he maintains professionalism at the office, he frequently experiences brewing irritation beneath the surface. Despite his efforts to push through, the irritation persists, often surfacing once he's in traffic after work. Additionally, he often succumbs to quick bursts of temper at home straining his relationships with his wife and son. He also revealed having remorse for his behavior and feeling trapped in this pattern, despite his desire for change, he felt powerless to break free from this cycle of repeated behavior.

During our sessions, we developed strategies to help him gain better control over his short fuse. One effective tool was the Emotional Inventory, which provided him with a structured way to process his intense emotions throughout the day. By acknowledging and expressing his feelings, he no longer carried the emotional charge that fueled his short fuse. This proactive approach enabled him to respond more calmly to challenging situations.

We then focused on repairing the impact his temper had on his relationships at home. Together, we outlined steps to initiate this process, including expressing his genuine intention to change and apologizing to his family. As a result, the atmosphere at home noticeably improved with his family showing less avoidance towards him. This marked the beginning of a positive transformation in their family dynamics.

Two key factors contributed to his progress: consistent application of coaching tools and the empowering realization that he held the capacity to change within himself. As he internalized this understanding, he experienced a profound sense of liberation, fueling his commitment to personal growth. Consequently, he reported feeling noticeably calmer both at work and at home, marking a significant shift in his overall well-being.

The Point

Your career, no matter how demanding, does not have to come at the cost of your most important relationships; executive coaching shows you how to have both. The same client months later reported feeling re-energized at work and less focused on “retirement” as a point in time that he would get relief. The Legacy Method shows you how to have both a good life at home and work. One does not have to come at the expense of the other.

Invitation to Executive Coaching

Are you a business executive struggling to maintain composure both in the boardroom and at home? The pressure of professional demands often leads to a tightly controlled facade, concealing inner turmoil that can manifest as a short fuse. Yet, suppressing emotions only intensifies the underlying challenges, potentially impacting both your career and personal relationships.

Discover how The Legacy Method can help you achieve harmony between your professional ambitions and personal fulfillment. Take the first step towards a more balanced and fulfilling life today.


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