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A client sharing what he has learned at a Legacy seminar

You are highly successful in your family and career, especially when viewed by the outside world; however, on the inside, something feels amiss, not complete, not fully satisfying. You may be outwardly successful and effective at your chosen work, but you are tired on the inside of having to keep it up — the stress load is constant. Your principal goals have been met. You’re ready for something new.

Others of us have patterns we seem powerless to change that negatively impact our relationships and careers. We begin to think something is wrong with us, or that we are the only ones to feel this way. A belief that we can’t change.

You want to lead a passionate purposeful life, but find yourself pushing a rock.

You may say life isn’t easy and we have to work hard. While this work/life ethic may hold some truths, they don’t work well when we tire under it, emotionally and physically. Under this belief we don’t seek to feel better, only to endure. In this state, we tend to disconnect from those close to us by checking out in one way or another. Being present or in the moment is difficult to attain – people don’t feel you.

There’s a drama cloud that follows you sprinkling tension and struggle wherever you go.

Perhaps you want more experiences in your life, yet find yourself locked in material pursuits that leave you empty inside. You want to reset it all and say, “I want experiences over stuff”.

You are doing what you love but lost the spark and begin thinking it’s a job and no longer a career. Where’s my passion?

You want to rest and feel inner peace but can’t find it. The routine of life draws like gravity, then another year goes by on the hamster wheel.


Legacy seminar attendees processing during a breakout session

When you do your inner work (executive life coaching), you become lighter, less defensive, confident, and more fun. You set up your life, so it works for you based on who you are today, not a past version of yourself.

You say, ‘yes’ when you mean ‘yes’ and ‘no’ when you mean ‘no’. Family, friends and colleagues trust you, making it easier to keep commitments and enjoy the trust others have in you. They are drawn to you and inspired by you. They want what you have. When you catch yourself saying yes, when you want to say no, take a moment to slow down and look at it.

Personal development or inner work is about knowing yourself better and experiencing firsthand that you can change the circumstances of your life by changing yourself. It is the only thing you have control over. We spend so much of our time in a state of mental toughness trying to control the outside world. Mental toughness is about what you can control – you. Imagine the results if you were to channel that energy inward.

Your path with us at Legacy can flip all the circumstances mentioned above to a place where things feel lighter, softer inside and a clear understanding of where you stand and what you want. Our approach to this type of coaching is focused on incremental change that starts on your first call.

Live to your fullest expression. Expressing your spirit is the purpose of your life.


We offer three distinct levels of personal and professional development.


refers to the first level of inner work in personal development—how we look at ourselves. By exploring how you feel about yourself and what you were taught, one can begin to change the circumstances of one's life by changing themselves. It is the only thing you have control over. Improved self-knowledge leads to clarity of life choices and priorities.


means your inner work begins to yield fruit by positively influencing others in your community of employees, family relationships and community efforts to improve the lives of others. When you do your inner work, you become lighter, less defensive, confident, and more fun. People are drawn to and inspired by you. You are so full you have something to give back to others. This is the energy of abundance.


is about asking, how do you want to be remembered? Never underestimate the power that you have to impact the world around you. This impact is your legacy. Will you be remembered for your kindness, your innovation or your parenting? Don’t wait to die to have a legacy. Lead your legacy by living it today and witness the transformation in yourself. Coaching with Legacy is about unblocking this latent potential inside you.

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