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This system is based on safety and the understanding that you already have the answers.

It relies on shifting away from intellectualizing a problem to resolving it on a feeling level, where you feel it in your body as a sensation and naming the emotion that is present. Your coach will help you reawaken this feeling ‘muscle’ and guide you to use your feelings to know yourself. This is where you’ll find the answers already within you.

We call this Body-Based coaching.

A sign of a good coach is the questions they ask to take you deeper and combine it with Emotional Fluency. The method, tools, and exercises help you experience life through the lens of ‘feeling’ that helps you solve problems and get clear about what you want, otherwise known as your ‘truth’. For those of us with ‘hang-ups’ or emotional baggage, we use the same process to uncover the thing driving the behavior and take steps to clear it up.


The Legacy Method does not offer advice or tell you what to do. Asking open-ended questions in an environment of safety and encouragement is how people make lasting change. Imagine safety looking like this: no criticism or judgment about your situation, and it’s not manipulative or confrontational. Each call is treated as highly confidential. Once in that environment clients can relax, feel safe, and are ready to work.


Imagine starting your coaching experience from this place, there is nothing wrong with you.

Every person has a blind spot, emotional baggage, and self-limiting beliefs that keep them from having the personal or professional life they want. Looking inward imagine having less tension or anxiety while increasing the amount of ease and peace. There is nothing wrong with you, you only need to identify where you are getting in your own way.

The Legacy Method is designed to accommodate your style and can be used to effect lasting change by updating or removing the blind spots, beliefs, and strategies we all use to negotiate life. You already have the answers within you.


This approach to personal development is the most effective we’ve experienced in 25 years in practice that we have used in our own lives (and continue to) and with our clients that consistently make changes that last. The process does not rely on willpower.

Body-based coaching links your emotions/feelings to physical sensations in the body used to help you to get clear on your ‘wants’ and ‘needs’. Clarity follows once these are brought to the surface, acting as a propellent to creating the life you want. Our Clarity Formula was devised to pull these parts together in coaching sessions and support your life outside sessions. Clients use it to gain self-knowledge and solve problems.

It is hard to get what you want if your clarity is underdeveloped.

In business, our corporate clients use this system to tap into their natural leadership abilities and use it to navigate the variety of personalities found in these settings more effectively. The result is more effective leadership with greater amounts of self-confidence, inner calm, and lower stress levels.

In personal life, clients use this system to know themselves better and begin asking for what they want leading to stronger more meaningful relationships at home and work. To figure out how their blind spots are holding them back. In general, they use this system to lead more proactive lives by getting clear on what their ‘needs’ are.

The result is an improved connection inside themselves that emanates outward and improves how they relate to the world around them leading to the inner peace many of us seek. They report how good it feels to rely on their inner compass and stop being shaped by outside forces and the expectations of others.


It is a potent hour focused on you and a safe place to explore your desires and needs in life without judgment, criticism, or advice.

You’ll learn a variety of personal development tools and exercises that don’t require reading or study. It is experiential and learning in real-time with beautiful proof points along the way so you can see and feel it working.

You always have a choice of what you work on or can ask your coach to organize the path and propose a structure. This is a permission-based environment where you choose how far you’ll go on a call, never pushing past a comfort zone or coping mechanisms; another example of our approach to safety.

Here are some of the things you can do on a call:

  • Practice the art of Emotional Fluency on topics that interest you.

  • Begin feeling better by telling your story with the added piece of emotions and feelings.

  • Observe how positive/negative patterns and beliefs operate in your life.

  • Improve how you show up for an important relationship.

  • When suited and safe, be guided through a ‘release’ where you’ll let go of a heavy emotion such as anger or fear. What do you want to let go of?

  • Be honored for your bravery in leaning into the work. Celebrate more.

  • Decrease your sensitivity to what pushes your buttons or triggers you.

  • Reinforce what you learned on a call with a ‘stretch’ where you take it into the real world and report back what you discovered on the next call.


The overall intention of a call is to incrementally feel better and more at ease week after week in this intensive program while developing the clarity needed to begin creating the life you want. Imagine crafting a positive image or vision that propels you forward while getting past feeling stuck or powerless to make a change.


A unique part of this program is the One-Day where people report turning a corner in their personal development with sudden acceleration in making a change or stepping into their life in a big way.

It is a whole day dedicated to you that happens at the halfway point of the coaching plan. It is a dedicated time for growth. The day has three parts:

  • Identify what’s getting in the way of what you want.

  • Clearing out what is in the way.

  • Crafting a vision of where you are going.


Clear out the old and bring in the new.


One-Day participants leave with a vision of their place in the world and a newly invigorated sense of purpose and direction. They come in all shapes and sizes:

  • Reset an important relationship with a spouse, child, or parent.

  • Get back in touch with the spirit that they lost in themselves.

  • Reinvigorated with a business venture and how they want to lead it.


The One-Day takes all that has been learned to date in coaching sessions and pulls it together so you can round that corner and start living the life you want.

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