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Quiz: Understanding Your Relationship with Delegation

Last week, I received several texts from clients regarding the Delegation blog published the week before. Some offered personal insights, while others prodded me to delve deeper. In response, I crafted this quiz to help you better understand your relationship with delegating work tasks to others.

Use this quiz to deepen your self-knowledge and learn about your leadership style and abilities.

For the original article click here: Delegation.


Quiz: What's Your Delegation Style?


1. When faced with a task that could be delegated, what is your initial reaction?  

   a) Delegate it immediately without hesitation.

   b) Feel reluctant but eventually delegate it.

   c) Prefer to handle it yourself to ensure it's done correctly.


2. What is your main concern when delegating tasks to others?

   a) Trusting others to handle it competently.

   b) Worrying about maintaining control over the outcome.

   c) Feeling like it's easier to do it yourself rather than explain it to someone else.


3. How do you feel about relinquishing control over tasks?

   a) Comfortable, I believe in empowering others.

   b) Somewhat uneasy, but I understand the importance of delegation.

   c) Uncomfortable, I prefer to maintain control over all aspects.


4. What motivates you to delegate tasks?

   a) I recognize the value of leveraging others' skills and time.

   b) I want to focus on more strategic aspects of my role.

   c) I feel pressured to delegate but struggle to let go of control.


5. How do you react when someone completes a delegated task differently than you would have done it?

   a) I appreciate their unique approach and focus on the outcome.

   b) I provide feedback for improvement but acknowledge their effort.

   c) I feel frustrated and tend to micromanage in the future.


6. What do you believe is the biggest barrier to effective delegation?

   a) Lack of trust in others' abilities.

   b) Fear of losing control over the outcome.

   c) Difficulty in finding the time to explain tasks to others.


7. How do you handle tasks that are outside your expertise?

   a) Delegate them to someone with the appropriate skills or knowledge.

   b) Attempt to learn and manage them myself, if possible.

   c) Avoid delegating and hope for the best outcome.


8. Which statement resonates with you the most?

   a) "I believe in empowering my team and fostering a culture of trust."

   b) "I understand the importance of delegation, but it's sometimes challenging for me."

   c) "I often feel that it's quicker and easier to handle tasks myself rather than delegate."



Mostly A's: You have a proactive delegation style, embracing trust and empowerment.

Mostly B's: You recognize the importance of delegation but may struggle with occasional reluctance or control issues.

Mostly C's: Delegation might be a significant challenge for you, stemming from trust issues or a need for control. Consider exploring strategies to overcome these barriers for more effective leadership.





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