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Cynthia Stamation teaching a leadership seminar

From an early age, Cynthia was bound for a life as a professional dancer, trained at the esteemed Interlochen Arts Academy for the performing arts, where she received the presidential scholar award. Beginning at age 17, she traveled the world performing in the Bat-Dor Dance Company owned by Batsheva De Rothschild. Spending a decade in New York City, she formed a dance company and continued her professional career with Radio City Music Hall as a dancer and dance captain. 

Her curiosity and visionary nature led her to a second career in personal development with the Garden Company from 2002-2012 as COO. When not performing her dual CEO roles, she is teaching leadership seminars to entrepreneurs. She is the founder of Legacy Life Consulting and is the CEO of Endo Mastery.

At Play in Town

When Cynthia isn’t running two companies, she is outside exploring the rich forests and lakes of northern Idaho near the Canadian border. She always makes time for a daily shopping trip to the local grocer to find inspiration for the day's meal. As a guardian of the natural habitat, she volunteers as a ‘junior field biologist’ monitoring the water quality of the lake she lives on. She swears that her work is her play and passion – and we believe her!


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