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Why Celebrating Achievements Feels Elusive

My Story

Remembering to celebrate my accomplishments, big or small, has been my ongoing challenge. It wasn't until my coach and wife consistently nudged me that I realized the transformative power of acknowledging my successes. In my family growing up, celebrations were scarce; achievements were met with a brief acknowledgment and a directive to keep going.

Through coaching, I unraveled two reasons behind my reluctance to celebrate. Firstly, I placed immense importance on my father's approval, even though he's no longer around. In other words, I prioritized external validation over self-recognition. Secondly, my pursuit of perfection often overshadowed what I had accomplished, leaving little room for celebration. I was fixated on what I hadn’t achieved yet.

Even now, reminders are crucial.

Confronting these challenges has taught me to nurture a mindset valuing self-recognition. I've come to understand that celebrating achievements doesn't detract from future goals; instead, it fuels my drive and well-being.

Having grasped this lesson, I bring it to every coaching session, ensuring we take the time to honor my clients' growth, no matter how seemingly insignificant or monumental it appears.

The Stretch

Take this opportunity to pause and acknowledge something about yourself that you’d like to celebrate. Pay attention to the thoughts preceding this acknowledgment and observe how you feel after expressing it. Notice the shift in your thoughts and emotions as you embrace this moment of recognition.

Implementing coaching insights into real-life situations is integral to our coaching philosophy at Legacy, bridging theory with practice.

A stretch is putting a coaching moment into real life action.


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