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Applying the Legacy Method is about enhancing emotional awareness of yourself and is the source of understanding your wants and needs. Are you trying to change or improve but feel powerless? The Legacy Method helps you get directly in touch with your deepest wants and needs using your emotions/feelings to guide the way.

Learn to use Emotional Fluency to develop clarity and to make changes you have contemplated for a long time. Shift from feeling uncomfortable or tense to confident and peaceful.


Use fears and worries to improve how you understand yourself and get what you need. Shift from rumination, inaction or avoidance to confidence and movement. Decrease anxieties.

The Pleaser is a person who is always giving and says, ‘yes’ when they want to say ‘no’. This leads to heavy feelings of unfulfillment and resentment.  Coaching shows you the way to feel better when you start saying ‘no’. Get ready to be surprised that the world did not blow up when you began to say, ‘no’.

Negativity. Tackle the limiting nature of the negative mindset and move into the liberating world of choice by owning your experience.

Heal past pain or hurt that holds you back from experiencing life in a fuller way. Use the Legacy Method to let go of these burdensome feelings that hold you back. Experience being set free to create the life you want.

Beliefs. We call them self-limiting beliefs that unconsciously hold us back. These come from childhood imprinted by family culture and significant events that shape us. Coaching helps you update these beliefs that better fit the man or woman you are today. Think of the horse races, until these beliefs are updated the starting gate won’t open.

Stop feeling stuck or trapped in a circumstance by effectively using the power of choice to feel lighter and less burdened. Obligations and commitments take on new light. Learn how to tackle the too-busy syndrome.


This is the development of your ‘feeling’ muscle. This emotional muscle is used to achieve clarity and action. This is the origin of self-knowledge and insight. Our intellect and mind are well developed to be unemotional by applying reason and logic. Emotional Fluency taps into the emotional side and blends it with the intellectual for more balanced and fulfilled living.


  • The Five Core Emotions are the starting point.

  • Feel the emotion in your body.

  • Feel peaceful and sure-footed by acknowledging positive and negative emotions.

  • Use this emotional relationship to know where you stand and what you want.


Use this tool for insight to solve a problem or address an area where you feel stuck. Use it for awareness and insight to resolve challenging issues. When the vulnerable emotion is revealed, your wants and needs become clear. This can be used to make lasting change. The Clarity Formula offers one of the first opportunities to self-coach.


I have attended numerous personal development retreats and seminars, and the one thing I can say with certainty is, when breakout groups do a debrief, the realization is that they are not alone. The relief is palpable. The #1 one assumption people make is that their circumstance is unique, believing they are alone with insecurity, they aren’t good enough, don’t love, can’t love, or are fearful. My favorite part of a seminar is when I witness the relief when I hear others feel the same way. Coaching opens this possibility.

Life coaching unloads the burden of carrying around heavy feelings that lead to low self-esteem or feeling stuck in life. These burdens create barriers in close relationships. You are not alone.


I too have faced many of the same challenges and thought I was the only one. I struggled with anger that I used to protect myself, which contributed to setting lower expectations of myself. I was capable of more. Put another way, I was playing small in life.

Aside from good doctoring and a super supportive spouse, I used my emotional fluency to stay positive during a serious health scare that brought me close to death. In other words, I didn’t bottle it up; when I was happy, I expressed it and when I was scared, I shared that too. I didn't get stuffed up emotionally and it helped my recovery; it helped me to stay relaxed, not tense.

My life experiences will enable me to relate to you and help shorten the learning curve for you to feel more at ease and peaceful. It is my honor to help you get clear about what you want in life, then take exciting steps to create it. You’re not alone.



Legacy client Sarah used the Legacy Method to connect with her hidden anger and reset her adult relationships


Sarah was an only child with an overbearing and difficult mother that caused stress and anxiety in all parts of Sarah's adult life. She became a peacemaker as a coping mechanism to appease mother's demands; as an adult these no longer worked. Using the Legacy Method, she tapped into her hidden anger and used it to get clear on what she wanted. Today the relationship has been completely reset and tensions have dropped. Her adult relationships have flourished. Sarah expressed that coaching gave her more in one year than years of therapy ever did.
Legacy client Nelson used the Legacy coaching to improve the relationship with his son


Nelson came concerned with how challenged he was raising his oldest son. The scary part for Nelson was learning how similar his son was to him. Using his son to look inward he discovered how his low self-esteem and negativity influenced his relationships at work and with his own son. He used coaching to improve this relationship and got there by being brave and choosing to look inward for his answers.
Legacy client Clara used coaching to unwind her family culture and feels more peaceful than anytime in her life.


Clara used coaching to unwind her family culture from childhood that developed into being ‘over helpful’. As a child this approach worked well for the responsibilities she assumed helping her mother raise her siblings, however, in adulthood it didn’t serve her well and showed up as control which negatively impacted her relationships. The harder she tried to get it right, the greater the resistance in those she tried to help. She leaned in and began the process of updating these culture ‘imprints’ by letting go of the parts that no longer served her and kept the best of them. Today she feels more peaceful and at ease than at any other time in her life and her most important relationships have dramatically improved. She reports feeling calmer and more peaceful.


Ready to explore the possibilities? Let’s have a get-to-know-each-other call where you can confidentially share what’s going on and I’ll see if I can help with that.

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