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Exploring the Link Between Confidence and Self-Esteem – Includes 2 Quizzes

Confidence vs Self-Esteem

Years ago, someone inquired about the noticeable increase in my confidence. The answer was straightforward: I employed personal development to gain a deeper understanding of myself, discovering what I truly wanted. But there's more to this story; let's delve beneath the surface.

While understanding my desires played a role in boosting my confidence, its roots extended elsewhere: to self-esteem. I used personal development to navigate and enhance my self-esteem, which, in turn, fueled the surge in my confidence.


Self-Esteem is the overall opinion or evaluation an individual has about their own worth, value, or capabilities. It encompasses the person’s beliefs and feelings about themselves, including how they perceive their abilities, appearance, and overall sense of self.

Confidence is the belief in one’s own abilities, skills, and judgement. It is the assurance of trust in oneself to successfully perform a particular task or navigate a specific situation.

Worth and Value

For me worth and value underpin my self-esteem. The area covering values can be broad; I will focus on only a few. The first is my values align with my personal and professional goals. Once aligned I found more fulfillment and motivation pursuing my goals. It cleared up a sense of purpose and meaning I’d long been searching for.

My core values began to evolve when I took steps to untether myself from seeking external validation from my father and society. Today I’m calmer inside with significantly reduced anxiety. My values are mine and serve as a compass guiding my behavior, decisions, and actions. A noticeable advantage is the ability to make fast decisions.

The result was inner peace. Now I have an overall sense of contentment and happiness derived from living in alignment with my values. It contributes to my positive outlook on life when my actions, choices, and pursuits align with my values resulting in a deeper sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. That’s the values piece, let’s move to worth.

The concept of worth encompasses various aspects, and I'll narrow down to essential ones that have contributed to my feeling grounded as I transitioned away from external validation and societal norms. This includes cultivating a positive self-image, viewing myself in a more supportive light, appreciating both strengths and areas for growth. The most significant outcome of exploring my worth was how it encouraged authenticity; how I perceive and express myself.

As a man who tended to take things personally, I got a lot out of developing my worth contributing to resiliency that helped me bounce back from setbacks, reframing challenges as room for growth rather than reflections on personal inadequacy. It was a hard haul but can attest to how well-worth the effort was. I guide clients down this path every week.

Explorations Through Quizzes

This topic can fall out of focus quickly since there are so many moving parts, so I’ve developed a quiz that provides an opportunity to go in quick for an assessment of your own self-esteem and confidence. Take these quizzes and enjoy the insights.

Are you open to a Guided Approach?

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