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Self-Esteem Assessment Quiz: Discover Your Overall Sense of Self Levels

Answer the following questions honestly to assess your self-esteem levels across various aspects of your life. Choose the option that best represents your feelings or behaviors. After completing the quiz, you'll gain insights into your self-esteem in different areas.

Use this quiz as a starting point for self-reflection and personal growth.


1. How would you rate your overall self-esteem on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest?

   a. 9-10

   b. 7-8

   c. 5-6

   d. 3-4

   e. 1-2


2. How often do you engage in positive self-talk and affirmations?

   a. Daily

   b. Regularly

   c. Occasionally

   d. Rarely

   e. Never


3. How comfortable are you with asserting your needs and boundaries in relationships?

   a. Very comfortable

   b. Mostly comfortable

   c. Neutral

   d. Uncomfortable

   e. Very uncomfortable


4. How do you handle criticism or negative feedback?

   a. Use it constructively for growth

   b. Accept it but feel a bit affected

   c. Feel defensive but consider the feedback

   d. Disregard it and feel unaffected

   e. Take it personally and get upset


5. In challenging situations, how confident are you in your ability to cope and overcome difficulties?

   a. Extremely confident

   b. Quite confident

   c. Moderately confident

   d. Slightly confident

   e. Not confident at all


6. How often do you celebrate your achievements and successes, no matter how small?

   a. Always

   b. Often

   c. Occasionally

   d. Rarely

   e. Never


7. How would you describe the relationship between your self-worth and external validation?

   a. They are completely independent

   b. Mostly independent but somewhat influenced

   c. Balanced and interconnected

   d. Mostly dependent on external validation

   e. Completely dependent on external validation


8. How do you handle setbacks or failures in your personal or professional life?

   a. See them as opportunities for learning and growth

   b. Keep trying, but with some frustration

   c. Feel disheartened but keep going

   d. Give up easily

   e. Experience overwhelming despair


9. How well do you take care of your physical and mental well-being?

   a. Very well

   b. Moderately well

   c. Sometimes neglect both

   d. Often neglect both

   e. Always neglect both


10. How supportive is your inner dialogue during challenging times?

    a. Extremely supportive

    b. Mostly supportive

    c. Neutral

    d. Somewhat critical

    e. Extremely critical


11. How often do you set and achieve personal goals that contribute to your sense of accomplishment?

    a. Always

    b. Often

    c. Occasionally

    d. Rarely

    e. Never


12. How accepting are you of your imperfections and mistakes?

    a. Very accepting

    b. Mostly accepting

    c. Neutral

    d. Somewhat critical

    e. Very critical


13. How much time do you dedicate to activities that bring you joy and fulfillment?

    a. Daily

    b. Weekly

    c. Monthly

    d. Rarely

    e. Never


14. How would you describe the quality of your interpersonal relationships and connections?

    a. Very positive and supportive

    b. Mostly positive with some challenges

    c. Neutral

    d. Mostly challenging with some positives

    e. Very challenging and unsupportive


15. How satisfied are you with your current level of self-esteem and personal growth?

    a. Very satisfied

    b. Somewhat satisfied

    c. Neutral

    d. Somewhat dissatisfied

    e. Very dissatisfied



Add up your points based on the answers (a = 5 points, b = 4 points, c = 3 points, d = 2 points, e = 1 point).

The higher your score, the more positive your self-esteem and personal development.

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