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Quiz: Navigating Drama in the Workplace

This quiz accompanies the blog titled: DRAMA - It's Not in the Job Description

Article Summary: Delve into the origins of workplace drama and understand its implications, spanning from its detrimental effect on employee retention to the demoralization of non-drama inclined staff. Learn how coaching equips leaders and managers to drive cultural transformation, specifically when tackling and eradicating workplace drama. Gain insights into the nuanced ways coaching facilitates meaningful culture shifts in addressing and eliminating drama within professional settings. Read the blog.

The Quiz

1: What signals might the presence of workplace drama send about a company or its management?

a) Indicates a vibrant and engaging work culture 

b) Suggests a lack of defined boundaries and standards 

c) Highlights excellent conflict resolution skills 


2: Which of the following is NOT a root cause of workplace drama?

a) Attention Seeking 

b) Conflict and Entertainment 

c) Profound job satisfaction 


3: What impact does drama have on non-dramatic team members?

a) Energizes and motivates them 

b) Drains them emotionally 

c) Fosters better communication 


4: What is a key strategy for mitigating workplace drama?

a) Ignoring it to avoid escalation 

b) Encouraging gossip among team members 

c) Defining a workplace culture that excludes drama 


5: What are the consequences of unaddressed workplace drama?

a) Fostering a motivated workforce 

b) Creating an ideal work environment 

c) Cultivating resentment and demotivation 


6: How can managers contribute to reducing workplace drama?

a) By setting a negative example of behavior 

b) By showcasing professionalism and resolving conflicts constructively 

c) By avoiding involvement in any team conflicts 


7: Which aspect is NOT highlighted as a root cause of workplace drama?

a) Insecurity and Low Self-Esteem 

b) Seeking career advancement 

c) Social Influences 

Struggling to manage drama or stamp it out? It might take more than a meeting to clean up. Please contact me if you'd like some help.


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