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Gratitude Life Assessment

Once again, the trusty personal growth tool is back in focus—Gratitude! While it's timely to engage with gratitude during this season, why not make it a year-round practice? Research consistently shows that it improves outlook, balances negative thoughts, and supports resilience. In my coaching practice, I've seen firsthand the positive impact of embracing gratitude—it truly enhances outlook and brings balance by recognizing what's working well in life.

Consider this blog a nudge, an enthusiastic push to create and commit to a gratitude practice of your own design for the next 30 days. But where to begin?

On Your Marks, Get Set…

For one month embrace this mission to view life through the lens of gratitude by exploring these categories:

- Social Life

- Creative Life

- Love Life

- Life Purpose

- Business Life

Tools for Staying Committed

Maintaining a new practice can be challenging. Here are some tips to make your gratitude practice stick:

- Acknowledge any resistance that arises. Observe thoughts like "I don't need this" or "Nothing will change" as mere resistance.

- Set a clear intention. Mentally commit, then anchor that commitment in your body by slowing down and feeling the intention, connecting with 1 or 2 emotions related to it.

- Use "I" statements to declare your commitment to this gratitude exercise for one month.

- Schedule it in your calendar, noting the start and completion dates.

- Keep it engaging by outlining what you hope to gain from the exercise.

- Lastly, take note of your mental and emotional state throughout the exercise.

The Exercise

Dedicate 5 minutes each day to list 10-12 things you're grateful for. Observe your mood before and after the exercise. Consider a reward for yourself—it often helps maintain consistency, and rewards can vary in timing.

The idea is to test the waters for 30 days, exploring how a regular gratitude exercise could benefit you. See if the tangible benefits align with your expectations, prompting you to integrate it into your year-round routine.

If you'd like additional guidance or a primer to kickstart your gratitude journey, read this recent post on gratitude; it is one of the tools I utilize in coaching, especially helpful for those with a negative mindset.

If you're seeking to shift limiting thoughts and engage more fully in life and relationships, reach out to me through the "Let's Chat" form at the bottom of the page. Let's explore this reprogrammable behavior together.

At Legacy we're champions of finding your own answers, it's why we say Be Your Own Guru.


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