Most of us are not natural born leaders. Top dental specialists made the journey from expert clinician to leader by making the most of their natural talents and by learning the skills needed to succeed. The goal of the Personal Leadership program is to teach the skills of effective communication, team empowerment, and authentic connection with others. This is the most direct path to create a positive impact on the practice and improve the lives of our teams. When it comes to running a dental practice, doctors are at a disadvantage compared to other industries. They are both the CEO and its main producer. This places them in a unique situation that would challenge any leader.


Not to be confused with practice management programs, Inner Legacy focuses development on the relational side of the practice – the leadership component. When they are combined, dental practice production and satisfaction soar. Inner Legacy Seminars inspire and develop your own natural leadership skills. We call this Personal Leadership. Our experience and research have shown this approach offers immediate results, while not relying on ill-fitting management theory or memorizing leadership slogans. Our programs are designed for the specific challenges encountered by referral-based dental practices.

Come and experience what others are talking about and learn how you can run your practice with less stress. After our seminar, you will be equipped with the insights and skills to improve your team’s quality of life and build the practice of your dreams. Bridge the gap between clinical expertise and successful practice leadership by joining the next Inner Legacy Seminar.


Taught in small groups with individual attention, our unique program creates impact that is noticeable from the first day back in the office. Lasting results are made possible as people get to the root of old programming and self-serving strategies to establish new patterns aligned with current ideals and values. This approach benefits the doctor and their teams as they engage more authentically in their business and personal life.


Legacy programs are tailored to the individual doctor and are designed for the dental specialist who is looking for change. If you are ready to strengthen your leadership skills to match your clinical expertise, Inner Legacy is for you. Take the first step and begin enjoying the benefits of Personal Leadership, now.

  • Re-energize your team and practice
  • Complete more cases with less stress
  • Supercharge your leadership skills
  • Reduce, then eliminate office drama
  • Take fear-free vacations
  • Stop turn-over and create long-term employee relationships
  • Create a practice that is the one to work for
  • Cultivate lasting change
  • Enjoy work again

Stress Reduction Techniques

How to Bring Fun and Satisfaction Back to Your Practice

Learn how referral-based dental practices reduce stress levels to improve production and satisfaction.

Clear, concise, right to the point, very down to earth. Great job, I will be sending my staff to this awesome experience.

Dr. Rick Simcock

I used to feel I worked for the team, now I feel the team works for me. Inner Legacy has been the best money I’ve ever spent.

Dr. Gerald Gray

Inner Legacy showed me how to empower my team; now we have the reputation as best paying, most fun office to work for. It’s contagious!

Dr. Ammon Anderson

The coaches are amazing. My financial dream is developing, and we are increasing production as I’m improving my mental and emotional skills. Coaching with Inner Legacy has helped a lot in learning to deal with the stress of my practice.

Dr. David Wilson

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