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Fear: Reframe this Powerful Emotion

Fear emanates from various sources, yielding a limited set of reactions—Fight, Flight, Freeze. These sources span from learned responses, like fearing dogs after a past negative encounter, to emotional wounds halting one's readiness for new relationships. Specific phobias (heights, spiders), social anxiety, PTSD—these represent the diverse spectrum of fear's origins.

I’m Scared

Fear, both an emotional and physiological response, surfaces in the face of perceived threats, whether real or imagined, urging one to escape or evade. Yet, avoidance only compounds the issue, collecting more and more of it in a fear savings account distorting your outlook and choices.

My guidance to clients involves a gentle "leaning into" fear—soft resistance, not confrontation. This approach loosens fear's grip, liberating one to channel energies constructively.

Stress - the bad-mannered cousin you got used to living with

Stress interacts intimately with fear, each influencing the other and evoking similar physical responses. They're like intertwined cousins playing off one another, wearing down the body through the release of stress hormones and resulting physiological changes.

I mention stress because many confide in living in a constant state of stress, and stress and fear share analogous pathways within the body's response mechanisms.

My intention isn't to echo a clinical pamphlet found in a doctor's waiting room, but to heighten awareness of these dynamics in your life. Recognizing their interplay is crucial, urging active steps to mitigate them, thereby reducing stress and fear.

Missed Opportunities

Beyond the obvious health implications, I witness a greater loss—missed opportunities. Living amidst sustained stress or fear inhibits progress towards desired life goals—a dream career, meaningful relationships—keeping aspirations a step away while growing more tired and disconnected by the day.

Mastering the art of "leaning into" fear and sidestepping stress addiction are pivotal in shaping the life one craves. Fear halts creativity. Stress steals your presence.

The Stretch

Consider a moment to examine your rapport with fear—do you face it or evade it? Can you discern rational from irrational fears? Do you seek understanding or shield yourself? Does stress or fear guide you forward or halt progress?

If you find yourself ensnared by fear's grip or spiraling within stress's whirlpool, remember, you're not alone. If you want to take action and see how coaching could assist, reach out - put yourself first and let’s make time to talk.

A ‘stretch’ is taking a coaching experience to the outside world, then observing how you feel.





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