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Quiz: Control Freak or Normal?

Reflect on these questions to develop your relationship with control.


Where are you on the control scale?


1.) Low Control

2.) Moderate Control

3.) Balanced Control

4.) High Control

5.) Extreme Control



Can't land on a self-rating? Then preview these 10 questions, that'll get you started: 

1. How often do you feel the need to have everything planned out in advance? 

2. When faced with uncertainty, do you feel anxious or uncomfortable?

3. Do you have difficulty delegating tasks to others?

4. How often do you find yourself micromanaging situations or people?

5. Are you easily frustrated or irritated when things don't go according to plan?

6. Do you have a strong desire to be in charge or have things done your way?

7. How do you react when someone challenges your authority or decisions?

8. Are you reluctant to relinquish control, even when it may be beneficial to do so?

9. Do you feel a sense of relief or relaxation when you're able to maintain control over a situation?

10. How do you feel when you're not in control of a situation or outcome?



Reflect on your responses to gain insight into your control behaviors and tendencies.

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