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Building on the prior blog on procrastination we broke apart the various conditions that are associated with why we procrastinate. Research varies, so I will keep it tight based on my work and the work of my clients.

This list may be harder to self-identify with since they tend to be under the surface and in the sub-conscious. Various drivers of procrastination:

I coach clients out of this energy depleting area of their lives with incremental approaches that get them feeling better while getting a handle on it.

Typically, they’ll improve in one area by 5% or10% and love how good it feels. Once the dam gates open, they go after the next one and get another 5%. Soon procrastination doesn’t feel so daunting and processing tasks has more flow and less mental drag. Imagine a 10-item task list with one item knocked off, there’s your 10%.

Client Story

This business owner was very good at his profession with excellent technical skills; however, when it came to administration and people management, he was less confident - to the point that team meetings had been abandoned because of his low confidence. We tapped into his driver (confidence) and revealed his emotions: fear and discouragement. Once we cleared those, we set his intention for how he wanted to feel at the end of a team meeting using it to get the result he wanted. Today, quarterly meetings are back on track and the team atmosphere he wanted to cultivate is happening. His key: naming and using his feelings to know what he wanted.

To the newly initiated into the field of personal growth 5% or 10% doesn’t sound like much – wait until you get it, and you’ll see how energizing it is. Want 10% more? Bring it to a coaching session and we will make it happen. Taken this way over a year or a lifetime, 10% becomes lasting change.

In next week’s blog, part 3, on procrastination will take a closer look at rumination and negativity.


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