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Find the Behaviors that Matter

Recently I was a participant in a group personal development program that focused on setting a vision for the next 2-3 years and the subsequent goals associated with that vision. The big thing that popped out of this work for me were the behaviors that helped me achieve the goals.

I’ll share two of them here.

Meditation. I do this every morning for 10-15 minutes sitting in silence on a cushion within 15-minutes after I get out of bed; it helps my concentration since I haven’t started my day and my brain isn’t filled with thoughts yet. It gives me resilience throughout the day and I can more easily navigate the ups and downs of any given day. It has miraculously helped with procrastination, too!

The other is a consistent gratitude practice where I name it up to twenty times a day for nature, myself and others. You see, I tend to be skeptical or pessimistic at times and this takes me down both in energy and motivation. So, I discovered I respond incredibly well to using gratitude to uplift my mood to get rid of it and still use my pessimistic side for humor that’s not hurtful. I get to express this funny side without slowing progress in other areas of my life.

Consistently keeping a focus on these daily behaviors has helped me move towards my goals and contributes to a day with more flow in it.

It takes time to figure out what your select behaviors are. Only from trial and error did I discover mine. I’ve tried a lot of them and if they didn’t work, I’d quickly discard them before trying another. Eventually I found these behaviors that gave me the biggest bang for the buck.


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