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Welcome to Endo Executive Coaching, a specialized coaching service tailored specifically for endodontists who face unique challenges and stresses in their profession. Our coaching focuses on helping endodontists effectively manage both their professional and personal lives, equipping them with tools for emotional resilience, stress relief techniques, and strategies to maintain emotional boundaries. This prevents burnout and compassion fatigue, ensuring a more balanced and fulfilling career.


Our programs enhance leadership skills, guiding you to find your natural leadership style, while helping you cope with the pressures of clinical precision. We aim to develop your focus and build resilience against the fear of errors, boosting overall confidence. Additionally, we provide coaching on maintaining physical health through ergonomics, regular exercise, and stress management techniques, emphasizing a healthy work-life balance. 



Dentists face several unique stresses in their profession. Here are the five top stresses and how Endo Executive Coaching can help alleviate them:

1. High Patient and Referring Office Expectations and Demands

Endodontists must meet the high expectations of patients and referring offices who demand perfect results and timely service, which can lead to significant pressure.

2. Managing a Dental Practice

Running a dental practice involves overseeing administrative tasks, financial management, staffing issues, and compliance with regulations.

3. Clinical Precision and Risk of Error

Dentistry requires high technical precision, and the fear of making mistakes can be a constant source of stress.


4. Physical Strain and Health Issues

The physical demands of dentistry, including long hours in awkward positions, can lead to chronic pain and health issues.

5. Emotional Strain from Patient Care

Dentists often deal with anxious or fearful patients, which can be emotionally taxing. Constant exposure to patients’ pain and anxiety can lead to compassion fatigue.

By addressing these key stresses through tailored strategies and support, Endo Executive Coaching helps dentists manage their professional challenges more effectively, leading to improved well-being and a more successful practice.


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  • Organizational and leadership skills, effective delegation strategies, and faster decision making.

  • A softening of the demands of clinical perfection. Enhancing focus, and building resilience against the fear of failure, ultimately improving self-confidence and performance.

  • Emphasis on the importance of self-care and work-life balance to maintain long-term health and productivity.

  • Tools for emotional resilience, helping dentists develop empathy for patients without becoming overwhelmed. It can also teach stress-relief techniques and strategies to maintain emotional boundaries and prevent burnout.


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Work-Life Balance

  • Balancing work and life are a common challenge for endodontists, often stemming from a "work mission" mindset ingrained since dental school. This relentless drive, which started in your 20s, tends to persist into your 30s and 40s, becoming an unsustainable norm. Endo Executive Coaching helps endodontists release the relentless “work mission” mindset, making space for a healthier balance between professional and personal life.

Health and Fitness

  • Many endodontists struggle to maintain health and fitness routines as career and family demands grow. Coaching helps you reintegrate and sustain healthy habits, focusing on nutrition, sleep patterns, self-care, meditation techniques, and regular exercise, with a special focus on caring for hands and back. The emphasis is to make these practices become a lasting part of your life.

Leading the Practice

  • Communication Skills
    Enhance your ability to lead effective team meetings and boost team engagement by clearly defining desired outcomes.  Improve your organizational skills, delegation, and decision-making processes, leading to a more efficiently run practice.

  • Develop Natural Leadership Abilities
    Transition from well-developed clinical skills to natural leadership skills. Using the Legacy Method, coaching uncovers and develops your inherent leadership qualities, resulting in an authentic management style.

  • Grow Self-Confidence
    Coaching helps build the self-assurance necessary for making tough decisions, such as handling difficult personnel issues, without the fear of being perceived as the "bad guy."

  • The Referring Doctor Relationship
    Many endodontists face natural resistance to in-person marketing due to discomfort with self-promotion, fear of rejection, or lack of experience. Our coaching focuses on leveraging personal strengths, building confidence, developing effective communication skills, and identifying the reasons behind this resistance. This enables endodontists to step out of their comfort zones and establish and maintain valuable referral relationships.

  • Associates
    Learn strategies for attracting and retaining endodontic associates, minimizing hiring misfires, and aligning practice culture with hiring efforts. Use mindset coaching to foster strong mentoring relationships and a successful first six months with new associates.

  • What’s Next? 
    Having achieved your goals that were established in your 20s, it's time to explore the next big thing. Whether it's dedicating more time to family, pursuing hobbies, or embarking on new entrepreneurial ventures, the Legacy Method helps you navigate this exciting period where wealth and freedom intersect. Channel the drive that propelled you to success into new, fulfilling endeavors.

Endo Executive Coaching is your partner in achieving a balanced, healthy, and successful professional and personal life. Our coaching helps endodontists manage their professional challenges more effectively, leading to improved well-being and a more successful practice. Embrace the next chapter of your professional and personal life with confidence and clarity.

Join Endo Executive Coaching and take the first step towards a more successful and satisfying professional journey. Start today and experience the transformative impact on your practice and personal life.





"I was afraid to hurt someone’s feelings, and this was keeping me from making hard decisions about team composition. Coaching with David helped me navigate challenges at both of my practice locations. His coaching style and open-ended questions enabled me to articulate the kind of practice culture I wanted. With David’s support, I gained the confidence to make necessary decisions, resulting in a more cohesive and positive work environment."


"I used to avoid team meetings. With the tools David taught me, I now run better team meetings and have become more self-aware. This has led to improved relationships both at work and in my personal life. David's coaching has truly enhanced my leadership skills and overall communication."
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"I needed to prioritize a safe and drama-free work environment for myself and my associate. Although I had a good leadership style, David helped me optimize it and elevate my approach. His method of 'Having the back of the practice' was particularly impactful, guiding me to make necessary decisions that reduced drama and created a better practice culture for everyone. The improvements have been remarkable, and the work environment is now much more positive."
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"David helped me fall back in love with my endodontic practice. His coaching reignited my passion and enthusiasm for my work."
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"I was beginning to feel concerned that I was working too much. David helped me shift my work-life balance and realize my vision of more quality family time. With his guidance, I reduced my work schedule to 4 days a week and soon to 3 ½ days. My boys love it, and I feel more present and engaged with my family. David’s coaching has truly helped both my professional and personal life."
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"I just wanted everyone to be happy, but I wasn’t effectively leading the practice. Working with David, I returned to leading my team using his 'Have the back of the practice' method. This valuable approach helped me make tough decisions that no longer linger like a cloud over me. I feel lighter and a great deal more confident."


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I've been coaching endodontists for seven years, successfully lowering stress levels while increasing life satisfaction. Through this experience, I've identified the top stressors that can "take you out" and developed methods and systems to mitigate them. My approach helps endodontists succeed financially in a calmer environment, leaving time for family and friends or providing a fresh mind for other creative ventures.

Let's take the next step together. Schedule your strategy call with me now to see if this is what you're looking for.

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David Stamation

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