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Escaping the Clarity Trap: Embracing Ambiguity in Coaching

Executive Life Coaching involves uncovering desires across life, work, and home. Often, articulating these desires proves challenging, and my role is to draw out these aspirations, transforming the initial sketches of goals into vibrant, colorful paintings that ignite imagination.

A Client Story

The CEO advised that a 70% readiness level sufficed for project launch, yet my client habitually aimed for a 90% threshold. Recognizing the CEO's preference for swifter launches, we delved into coaching sessions targeting my client's fear of imperfection in project launches. Over a few sessions, there was a notable breakthrough - my client successfully launched the project at an 80% readiness level, marking a significant shift from his usual standards.

I Need More Clarity

The pursuit of clarity can become a stumbling block. While clarity is essential, there's a fine line between seeking it and falling into its trap. Here's how clarity can impede progress:

·       Fear of ImperfectionI’ve got to get it right.

·       Over-analysis ParalysisIf I consider every possibility.

·       Fear of ChangeYikes!

·       Unrealistic ExpectationsIt’s got to be this way!

·       Comfort ZoneI won’t deal with it now.

Striking a balance between clarity and ambiguity is crucial for professional advancement. Through coaching, I delve into the layers of obstacles that cause delays, igniting action and streamlining the decision-making process.

Within my practice, I aid business executives in navigating the clarity trap by unraveling the emotional underpinnings behind these delay tactics. Leveraging the Emotional Fluency process, we bridge the gaps in clarity, that leads to swifter decision-making.

The Stretch

If you've been consistently stuck in a quest for clarity, reflecting on the mentioned examples might unveil the root cause of your delay. If this prolonged challenge is affecting your career negatively or is something you have felt powerless to change, then please reach out. Together, we can work towards addressing and overcoming this obstacle.

Implementing coaching insights into real-life situations is integral to our coaching philosophy at Legacy, bridging theory with practice.

A stretch is putting a coaching moment into real life action.


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