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Reflections on Happiness: Insights from a Wise Elder

This week I’ve been reflecting on happiness. Jim, a friend of mine and one of the wise elders in my community, recently shared this quote and series of questions with me. I’d like you to reflect on them, too. I have the pleasure of sitting with him in my local Men’s Group; a body of men committed to group personal growth.

Contemplating the Pope's Wisdom with Jim

In 2017, the Pope was asked about his secret to happiness.

He responded, “Slow down. Take time off. Live and let live. Work for peace. Don’t keep negative feelings bottled up. Enjoy art. Enjoy books. Play.”

Jim went on asking when you think of ‘happiness’ what comes to mind?

Now that you are thinking about ‘happiness’ how do you achieve it?

Are you in a state of ‘happiness’ now? If not, why not? What would it take for you to be in a state of ‘happiness’?

And the zinger, Do you deserve to be happy?

How does this resonate with you, and what emotions did it provoke? Is there anything you want to change or recommit to as a result?

Claiming Happiness: Your Path with Legacy

At Legacy I help guide people to name things like happiness and find ways to claim it. After reflecting on your answer if you want more clarity on your ‘happiness’ arrange a clarity call with me.


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