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Freedom is the opposite of feeling trapped or controlled. Any number of events, such as circumstances or relationships, can cause us to feel trapped.

Freedom is the sense that we always have a choice and are in control of our choices. There are a couple of ways to consider freedom: as a legal right, and the other as our perspective on a situation.

Any of the above examples can create stress in our life, and we may react to them in several ways: fatigue, digging our heels in, and/or feeling like a victim. Many of us feel trapped in our lives, our work, or in our relationships at work or home. We can feel angry, controlled, frustrated, anxious, or sad because of situations in our life.

Taken to its simplest form, freedom is a shift in perspective. The perspective in this case is about giving ourselves a choice. However, we have emotional baggage, beliefs, behavioral patterns that are hard to break, and past pain. It is often because of these we are not able to give ourselves a choice and freedom eludes us.

If we feel trapped in something that is not working, the easiest way to get free of it is to give ourselves a choice. There are three choices that we can engage to enjoy the feeling of freedom:

Can we change it? Or do we want to change it? If the answer is YES, then we make the change. If the answer is NO, we are left with two choices: Leave the situation altogether, or change how we feel about it, so we can be at peace, accepting things, as they are.

Start with this personal development building block to reclaim your freedom. The next time you feel trapped or managing an obligation try this and see if it softens the intensity of the situation. Even if conditions do not change by giving yourself a choice will make you feel lighter.


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