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Executive Coaching: Top 5


One of my favored tools is taking an emotional reading from the Top 5 people you interact with in your business, in two areas: the coaching client and the top five people that report to them or who they report to. Some people are easy to work with and others push our buttons.

It works much like a decoding key to what you once thought was a black box of mystery, people, and their personalities. Once you isolate their main drivers/motivators, you can create a communication plan resulting in a smoother work environment.

Client story

My client, an SVP, was angry with a VP below him who regularly went rogue with decisions circumventing the established protocols for issuing pay raises and relocation requests. Using the anger and irritation my client felt helped him discharge the tension and create an opportunity to reset his approach.

How could he leverage the corporate rebel while tempering the parts that weren’t working?

A few of the types that can take you off your game are the Type A driver who steamrolls anyone in front of them, the annoying communicator, the team member who needs to feel important, the one who needs to be ‘right’ and get the last word in, de-energizing people, and the manipulative type, to name common ones.

Using the Top 5, we create formulas to deal with each of them.

The Top 5 dissects these personality types to help the executive know themselves better and to create a communication plan for each personality enabling better performance and less tension. Imagine feeling accomplished and satisfied after interacting with the annoying communicator.

The result is a leader who is less distracted and has more energy and mental capacity to focus on broader aspects of the company’s vision.


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