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Mastering the Art of Business Meetings: Two Essential Keys

Assuming you have the agenda sorted out, here's a tip that will improve the outcomes of your meetings while getting the result you want. It involves setting a clear intention for each meeting, and intentions are closely tied to emotions. When you emotionally invest in a goal, the likelihood of achieving it significantly improves.

The idea is to complement your proven intellectual abilities by balancing the workload. By incorporating your intuition and feelings to guide you, it ensures that you not only stay focused during the meeting but also enhance the effectiveness of your decision-making process.

The Two Key Elements

Once your agenda is in place, the next step is to define the intention for the meeting: What result do you want?

The second aspect to consider is your emotional state. How do you want to feel as you conclude the meeting and walk away?

Key Considerations

Take a moment to articulate a concise and clear "result" for your meeting, ensuring brevity and clarity. This contributes to maintaining focused discussions.

Specify your desired emotional state at the meeting's conclusion. Choose emotions like Trustful, Hopeful, Optimistic, or Confident, if they are genuine feelings. Avoid vague terms; for instance, anxiety is not a feeling, and powerful is not an emotion. Take an instant to slow down, pause, and connect with the chosen emotion. Feel it in your body—such as a lightness or energetic sensation—for instance, Optimistic. Anchoring the named emotion in your body is a crucial step in this process.

Observing the Impact

Receiving consistent feedback from my business clients tells the story of the remarkable effects these tips bring to their meetings, particularly in maintaining a sharp focus on the agenda. Many express frustrations with meetings resembling a mishmash of agendas or individuals rambling endlessly. These tips when consistently used will tamper the mishmash of undisciplined meetings.

Clearly defining the desired result and how you want to feel at the meeting's conclusion mitigates these challenges. This not only enhances your personal sense of achievement but also positively influences your peers and direct reports. Running a well-organized meeting becomes a demonstration of leadership and authority, fostering a more productive and satisfying collaborative environment.

Where My Clients Use It

·       Project-based meetings

·       Difficult conversations

·       Meeting with higher-ups

·       With children and family members

The Stretch

Consider implementing these tips in a meeting where you're open to testing them out and observe the outcomes. Importantly, maintain a level of discretion—keep this strategy to yourself. Allow others to experience the kind of meeting we all desire: concise, well-prepared, and concluding on time. As you become familiar with this approach, it will take you about one minute to define your desired result and emotional state at the meeting's conclusion.


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