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There’s something I discovered in the creative and visionary types: their ideas get bottled up and get stuffed only to pop out periodically to an unprepared audience that challenges them and tells them why it cannot be done. It is a huge shutdown for the creative type. The Imaginarium solves this.

It is a place to release a flood of ideas that spark additional ideas and is a welcomed break from administrative tasks. It’s about setting up what comes next. It’s why they hired you or why you run your own business.

The Imaginarium

An Imaginarium is defined as a free flow creative session with one rule.

Rule #1

You cannot pooh-pooh an idea. You cannot challenge the idea. You cannot tell me why it can’t be done or why it won’t work. It is best done in small groups of 2-3 people to minimize distractions or other deviations. Come knowing your role as the note taker or the creative one who is going to get a head of steam going when it comes to new ideas.

It’s about flow and outpouring everything.

The note taker cannot challenge in any way, only ask for clarification. Notes typically resemble bullet points and key words, not paragraphs. Move fast, encourage the creative to keep going with neutral or positive words. Don’t slow them down.

Yes, it is an invented word and process I came up with when my wife’s business ideas kept coming and I could see she needed to get them out without being challenged. In our first Imaginarium we had a long list of ideas and looking back 2-3 of them produced tremendous fruit for our company. Now it is deployed in corporations and small companies to great effect.





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