Legacy has one aim, to aid you in knowing yourself, so you may live the life you love.
We operate by four values that are the foundation of our vision and mission.
Live What We Teach

We live our lives in integrity with the principals we teach. (We do the same stuff our clients do.)

Be Your Own Guru

We trust that every client is their own best teacher. (Help each other find our own answers.)

Lead Your Legacy

Live by example for how you want to be remembered. (Today’s choices create our legacy.)

Leave Abundance

Everyone wins when you contribute more than you take. (There is enough for everybody.)

Our Vision And Mission

Teaching leaders to know themselves, inspire their communities and live without regrets.

The Legacy Method
Our method produces lasting breakthroughs in communication, performance, relationships, and peace of mind.

Powerful and practical, Legacy’s programs and teachers show people how to make their own discoveries in these key areas of personal development. The core of our methodology is the ability to inspire and develop a person’s natural leadership skills. We call this Personal Leadership.

James Schor MA, LMFT, master coach at Legacy Life Consulting explains how it’s done, “What makes our methodology and programs unique are the process and techniques used to have people find new ways of seeing themselves and their relationships by finding their own answers. This innovative approach produces lasting effects on their personal and professional lives.”

Schor continues, “At Inner Legacy Seminars, doctors and their teams learn to be stronger, more effective leaders without using well-worn management clichés or ill-fitting theory. In a playful way, it is why we say, be your own guru, the answers are within.”

The Legacy method is distinct from traditional education where new information needs to be remembered or applied. Instead the aim of the Legacy method is to produce lasting breakthroughs in peoples lives that become part of their natural self-expression, coming from within. This is Personal Leadership.

The Legacy Story

Beginning in 2012, Cynthia Goerig, working with her uncle Dr. Ace Goerig, founded a new company called Legacy Life Consulting. They had the firm belief they would make a difference in people’s lives by addressing leadership challenges faced by dental practice owners performing dual roles of CEO and main producer – a unique position for an individual who is the clinical expert and responsible for business operations.

Through personal experience, Ace and Cynthia knew that doctors need leadership support to round out their clinical expertise. When clinical expertise, and leadership are treated as equally important in building a successful practice, life satisfaction and profitability soar. The more effective a leader is at the ‘relational’ side of the business, the more easily a high-functioning team develops; a team with independent problem-solving abilities, drama-free daily operations and less overall stress. It’s a better way, in every way.

Legacy Life Consulting, Home of Inner Legacy Seminars, brings an innovative approach personal development and executive coaching; creating immediate and lasting results. We serve a diverse group of successful, normal people; business leaders, managers, executives, doctors, support staff, salaried and hourly, husbands and wives, intelligent, caring, capable people. We are recognized in the endodontic community (where we got our start) for effective, result-driven programs.

Legacy programs and methodology give people new ways of seeing themselves and their relationships. The result is discovering, and enhancing abilities they already possess, and trusting themselves to take their careers and personal life to the next level.

The ideas and insights Legacy methodology is based upon, and the results it has produced, make Inner Legacy Seminars the leader in its field. Those who participate in Legacy’s programs and services, experience significantly higher levels of purpose, inner peace and sense of control over their lives.

The Legacy of Our Logo

One of the earliest known examples of a human leaving behind a legacy was in the Chauvet-Pont-d’ Arc Cave in southern France.

On its walls are found some of the best-preserved figurative cave paintings in the world. Among the paintings are stenciled images of hands, created with pigment blown through bone pipes as the artists’ palms and fingers were pressed against the cool rock face. Studies and radiocarbon dates show these indelible marks were made about 35,000 years ago.

These ancient handprints are an inspiration; declaring, I was here, I created something.

Legacy Life Consulting helps people establish their legacies for current and future generations. We love providing the tools you need to put your handprint on the world; creating a lasting reminder of your greatest accomplishments and your willingness to offer others a hand up. It is why we say, Lead your legacy and live by example for how you want to be remembered.

You can live a life you love. Today’s choices create your legacy.

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