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Articles and Case Studies

Leverage your impact with new tools and perspectives. Our cases studies and articles introduce new concepts in Personal Leadership, developed to take you to the next level of satisfaction and performance. Articles are used to introduce concepts, teach new tools and offer actionable tips on the ways to become a better leader.

Accelerate your learning, by utilizing the experiences of others. Case studies summarize real experiences based on challenges and solutions at the practice level. All our studies are from referral-based practices, so readers know they are a direct fit, for the challenges they face.


Watch, listen and learn from our master teachers and executive coaches. The webinars resource page is where you’ll find archived webinars presented by Cynthia Goerig and special guests on a variety of subjects that focus on Personal Leadership. These engaging, 20-30-minute videos, with single-topic focus, are offered six times a year.

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Legacy Life Journal

Stay connected and learn more about Personal Leadership and insights to our method. Visit the archives for past editions of the Legacy Life Journal, published six times a year and delivered directly to your inbox. Be sure to catch the next edition for the editor’s letter, feature article, and book reviews; all focused on developing the Personal Leadership abilities each practice owner already possesses.

Book Reviews

Compact reviews delivered in 300-words or less. Prefer concentrating on a subject of interest? We summarize the principal points and share the impact that an important title had on us. Book reviews appear in both the Journal and on this resource page, so be sure to check both. We welcome book suggestions from our resource members and clients to enhance this community of natural leaders.

Video Testimonials

What’s all the hoopla? View client testimonials talking about the impact that working with Legacy Life Consulting has had on their professional and personal lives. Learn how other referral-based practices improved employee turnover and became “the practice to work for.”  Hear about the impact of having a happy and motivated team, or the elusive dream of taking a fear-free vacation and many other client perspectives.

Our Logo Story

The Legacy of Our Logo One of the earliest known examples of a human leaving behind a legacy was in the Chauvet-Pont-d’ Arc Cave in southern France containing some of the best-preserved figurative cave paintings in the world. Among these paintings of fauna were...

Happy People

One of his values became a primary goal – that every patient leaves his practice with a smile on their face. Reinvigorated, he looks forward to going to the office every day.   Happy People Make Better Leaders By Cynthia Goerig Happy people also make better team...


How many of you are in a leadership role? Would you like people just to do what you want them to do without any fuss and maybe without even telling them? Everyone is a leader in some way and whether you are the leader in your business, or in a leadership position, or...

The Alfred E. Nobel Story

Alfred E. Nobel, the creator of one of life’s greatest prizes for human achievement, was determined to change how he was perceived in the eyes of the world, and created a most inspiring legacy. One morning in 1888, Alfred read the headlines of the newspaper that read, “The Merchant of Death is Dead.” He was reading his own obituary!