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The Point of Deeper Work

I recently attended a 2 ½ day Men’s Retreat with a group of men and a talented facilitator. I do this once a year for deeper personal development work. I was seen, heard and supported when it was my turn. One of the surprising parts of group work is how much I get when another man is doing his work and the ways I relate to his life and challenges.

Some of us had painful stories and needed to let them go in order to make space for something new. It was a beautiful catharsis to experience and witness.

We used our painful stories to go beyond the things that make us sad or feel angry or repressed. The group gave that pain the space and attention it needed for slow and sustained exploration. And this space, crucial space is needed to find a new perspective and ability to connect to what each of us wanted to create in our lives.

So, I come to you today feeling lighter and kinder to myself; having released grief and made a renewed effort to practice self-compassion. Coming out of this retreat I feel gentle and energized with a better sense of how I will take care of myself and the clients I work with.


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