Our coaches are people first

Inner Legacy’s coaches share a common vision and dedication to making your personal development experience with us relevant, safe, compassionate and rewarding. This team understands that each situation and background is unique… and has experience with the array of leadership and interpersonal challenges you are facing. Our coaches know your situation is unique, and human… and that satisfaction is tied not just to measurable business results, but intangible feelings and interactions.

I came in knowing what I have issues with, and my coach helped me realize it is multiple problems connected to the same underlying issue. – Ashley
The coaches are amazing. My financial dream is developing, and we are increasing production as I’m improving my mental and emotional skills.
– Dr. Wilson
Cynthia Goerig


Cynthia Goerig is an executive coaching expert who helps people breakthrough self-limiting beliefs to produce lasting changes in performance and communication.

From an early age, Cynthia was bound for a life as a professional modern dancer, trained at the Interlochen Arts Academy for the performing arts, where she received the presidential scholar award. Beginning at age 17, she traveled the world performing in the Bat-Dor Dance Company owned by Batcheva De Rothschild. Spending a decade in New York City, she formed a dance company and continued her professional career with Radio City Music Hall as a dancer and dance captain.

Her curiosity and visionary nature led her to a second career in executive development with The Garden Company from 2004-2012 as COO.  When not performing her dual CEO roles, she is teaching leadership seminars to business owners. She is the founder of Legacy Life Consulting and is the CEO of Endo Mastery.

At Play in Town

When Cynthia isn’t running two companies, she is outside exploring the Idaho Panhandle and spending time in the community. Her love of cooking has her shopping for fresh food each day by bicycle, striking up spontaneous conversations at the health food store and Farmer’s Market. Nature restores her vitality and drive with hikes in the forest and swims in the multitude of glacial lakes. As a guardian of the natural habitat, she volunteers as a junior biologist monitoring the water quality of the lake she lives on.

Cynthia’s community efforts extend to providing Master Mind business classes and establishing the Sandpoint Women’s Collective that meets monthly to support local women in their personal development. She swears that her work is her play and passion – we believe her!


David Stamation

Chief Organizational Officer

David’s leadership style comes from a wide range of business and life experiences. With a business degree from Cal Poly University, California; his management career began in 1995 as a U.S. food exporter, followed by sales in high technology firms in Silicon Valley and as a commercial risk management consultant. He has led and mentored sales and client support teams for start-ups and publicly traded companies with Siemens-Westinghouse, Intel and Microsoft. He is an expert at steering young firms with emerging process controls to effectively partner with Blue Chip companies.

Over the years David has taken extended breaks from his career. His preference for overland travel has covered most of the western hemisphere, Japan and Europe. It was on his last road trip that he discovered his adopted hometown where he met James Schor and Cynthia Goerig. David happily resides in Sandpoint, Idaho on the shores of Lake Pend Oreille.


The Explorer

David’s wanderlust began when he was 17, as a crew member on a 60’ luxury trawler that sailed across the Pacific Ocean from California to Hawaii. Curious about Asia he worked in Japan and backpacked southeast Asia in the 1990s. His spirit for overland travel, where sights, sounds and smells are taken in gradually, were influenced by the authors Paul Theroux and Bruce Chatwin. David’s most recent journey was a 35,000-mile one-way overland adventure from San Francisco to Ushuaia, Argentina, over dusty back roads along the entire Andean mountain range through eleven countries. In Sandpoint, depending on the season, he snowshoes, hikes, and explores by boat. The cell phone is his favorite invention.



Jo Roseborough

Client Coordinator

Jo Roseborough has a passion for working behind the scenes of Legacy events, nurturing our team and managing the details required to produce a flawless seminar experience. She supports the teachers and executive coaches, so they can focus on what they do best – produce lasting breakthroughs with clients. Jo has a BA in Art Education from Eastern Washington University. Her diverse career has included graphic arts, office management, bookkeeping and fine jewelry sales. She worked with Cynthia and James Schor as the office manager of The Garden Company. She is a long-time resident of Sandpoint, Idaho.

Love of Community

When Jo isn’t keeping the Legacy ship running smoothly, she is in her art studio sculpting with a favored new medium – polymer clay, and designing jewelry with precious stones and hand-made beads. Her other passions include flower gardening, genealogy, and volunteering for Angels Over Sandpoint where she has held various board positions. Over a 20-year period, she and fellow volunteers distributed $1.4 million in direct aid, scholarships and school programs to the underserved. Many of Jo’s strongest friendships have come from this community effort that continues today.