Creating space to think, and feel, and grow

Given the right place, the right time, the right coaching, and the freedom to explore what you really want, you will find the answers.

Inner Legacy offers you a personal development experience that takes away distractions and provides a safe setting in which you can deeply examine the feelings you have, and the changes you want to make.

Our team works for you, without judgement, confrontation, or rigid expectations. Our courses are designed for making up your own mind… allowing you to find your own answers. You participate to the level you feel comfortable. You’ll never be asked to do anything you don’t want to do.

When you want to discover what’s stopping you, and then work to understand how to clear away the barriers…you will make lasting, meaningful changes. Life becomes easier and more rewarding.

I had no idea how my personal ‘baggage’ was affecting everything I did. Inner Legacy showed me how to empower my team; now we have the reputation as best paying, most fun office to work for. It’s contagious!
Dr. Ammon Anderson

What to expect

Three days– removed from the distractions and static of your life– in a beautiful Idaho lodge surrounded by mountains, and a pristine alpine lake. It’s a chance to connect to yourself, and to nature. You can be as connected– or disconnected– to home, work, and the “real world” as you care to be.

You will be part of a small, diverse group. No more than 14 people, differing in their wants and needs, in their talents and abilities, and where they stand in their personal and professional development. You’ll share a common desire to make more of the life you’re living. You can share as much or as little as you like.

In this relaxed and supportive atmosphere, you will work to examine experiences and habits, identifying and removing blocks you may have to attaining the life fulfillment you want. You’ll discover new tools, polish your skills, and address your goals for growth and satisfaction.

We welcome you and anyone important to you… Married couples, partners, business teams, managers, support staff… family members.

All kinds of people, in a wide variety of personal and professional relationships, have already benefited greatly from attending the Personal Leadership program.

After the course, you’ll leave feeling refreshed, confident that you have an array of choices available to you, ready to lead a better, more fulfilling life.

I loved how safe I felt in the large and small groups. The location was amazing, what a great venue. My coach was warm and caring with no judgements. I loved being challenged in my thoughts.

I came with the expectation of feeling uncomfortable with people I didn’t know; instead after the first night I felt at ease, safe and not judged by the coaches or other participants.
K. Cox

Our founder speaks with everyone, personally, before enrollment, to ensure we will meet your expectations. She welcomes your questions.

Schedule a conversation with Inner Legacy founder Cynthia Goerig. Cynthia leads every Personal Leadership seminar. Your success is paramount to her personal vision of success and fulfillment.

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More on Inner Legacy Seminars

Inner Legacy Seminars are about making peace with yourself and living in alignment with your values. This program will hone your Personal Leadership abilities and positively impact your career, relationships, and the community you serve.

A common thread with our clients is the realization is that by embracing their personal style can lead to lives with dramatically lower levels of drama and stress.

People who have attended report:
  • Better understanding of themselves and others
  • Excitement returning to work each morning
  • More relaxed, peaceful and confident
  • Energized at the end of the day to go home and enjoy their family
Participants focus on three areas to reduce stress
  • Fear
  • People-pleasing
  • Blaming versus owning

When your fears drive you, you lose peace of mind. During the course we explore fear of change and avoiding conflict, allowing you to identify non-productive patterns that can hinder you.

You’ll discover how we all mistakenly earn our worth by pleasing people – trying to live up to social expectations and those of people close to us. You’ll identify and remove self-limiting beliefs and begin the shift to intentional living and creating the life you want.

Discover that when you blame people and events, you lose power. We’ll explore the Owner-Blamer dynamic present in all relationships. Delving into this two-pronged concept leads to improved communication and less internal stress. Powerful and lasting change begins here.

Why Sandpoint, Idaho?

Seminars are held in the beautiful four-season retreat town of Sandpoint, Idaho, on the shores of Lake Pend Oreille. Getting out of your daily routine, away from office and family pressures, and taking time to exhale for a few days, deepens the experience.

Logistic Details and Program Costs

Until further notice, due to travel and safety concerns, we have shifted to a virtual format on Zoom for our popular Inner Legacy seminar. Tuition for this 1-1/2 day program is $595 and includes all materials. Privacy will be maintained on Zoom to assure safety and confidentiality.

Activities in Sandpoint

Sandpoint has long been known as a recreational destination located 60-miles from the border with Canada. From its renowned fishing, skiing, hiking, downhill mountain biking, boating and hunting, there is an activity for every season.

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