Inner Legacy Seminars begin with the foundational course in Personal Leadership
where participants discover new tools, hone their skills
and remove any blocks they may have to becoming effective leaders.


  • Excitement returning to the office each morning.
  • More relaxed, letting the practice run itself.
  • Energized at the end of the day to go home and enjoy their family.
  • Confidence in leading their team.
  • Better understanding of themselves and others.
  • A more productive, synergistic team.

Find your leadership style and accelerate your team’s performance and motivation. Inner Legacy Seminars are about making peace with yourself and living in alignment with your values. This program will hone your Personal Leadership abilities and positively impact your practice, your relationships, and the community you serve.

A common thread with our clients is the realization that embracing your personal style of leadership and empowering your dental team to carry out your vision, dramatically reduces office drama and stress. The curriculum and philosophy at Inner Legacy Seminars integrate seamlessly with your current practice management program.


Leadership is unique to each of us. For some doctors leading the practice hands-on 90% of the time works best for them, while for others it may be 30% hands-on. Both scenarios work. When we find our leadership style, communicate clearly and empower our teams, referral-based practices thrive and exceed performance expectations.


  • Fear
  • People pleasing
  • Blaming vs. Owning

When our fears drive us, we lose the opportunity of effortless leadership. We will explore fear of change and avoiding conflict, allowing you to identify non-productive patterns that hinder effective leadership.

You’ll discover how we mistakenly earn our worth by pleasing people – trying to live up to social expectations and those of people close to us. You’ll identify and remove self-limiting beliefs and begin the shift to intentional living and creating the life you want.

Discover when we blame people and events, that we lose power. We’ll explore the Owner-Blamer dynamic present in all relationships by delving into this two-pronged concept that leads to better new-hire selections and improved team efficiency. Powerful and lasting leadership begins here.


Executive Coaching

Many clients get what they need at one seminar; others opt for a master coach that works with them 1:1 while they integrate and refine these skills. The Elite Membership program is tailored to individual needs. Stay on track and achieve your goals by partnering with your executive coach for a twice monthly 1:1 call.

Corporate Programs

For those investing in team development, our Corporate Legacy programs are tailored to your team dynamics with the result of achieving lasting outcomes and a higher functioning practice. Build an Esprit de corps at your practice with programs dedicated to culture and communication. This exciting team-driven option brings the Legacy team to your hometown for 1-2 days of team building, in seminar and workshop formats.

Why Sandpoint, Idaho?

Seminars are held in the beautiful four-season retreat town of Sandpoint, Idaho, on the shores of Lake Pend Oreille. We’ve found that getting our clients out of their daily routine, away from office and family pressures, and having them take a moment to exhale for a few days, deepens the experience.

Sandpoint has long been known as a recreational destination located 60-miles from the border with Canada. From its renowned fishing, skiing, hiking, downhill mountain biking, boating and hunting, there is an activity for every season. Attendees frequently remark at the end of the program, it is so beautiful here I’ll schedule extra days, next time I visit with my family.

Logistic Details and Program Costs

Tuition for all seminars is $2,997 per person. Accommodation, meals and airport shuttle from Spokane International Airport are included. Events are hosted at The Lodge at Sandpoint, selected for peacefulness, exclusivity and views of the lake and mountains.