Advanced Executive Coaching…for the Ultimate Feeling of Success

For those ready to accelerate and advance their leadership skills, we offer the Elite Program, one-on-one executive coaching.

This one-year program devotes a master coach to you. Look forward to further refining your leadership skills while developing new-found clarity, direction and vitality to your personal development. You will achieve breakthrough results during this deep-dive year of personal coaching.

Many of our clients are happy to share their experience, and the benefits. Please ask for a referral if you’d like to speak with one of them. An average report before the year is up are massive shifts towards inner peace and renewed engagement in life that impact their community and business or careers.

I was impeding the growth of the office and needed to figure out what it was. My coach showed me how to empower my team; now we have the reputation as best paying, most fun office to work for. It’s contagious! – Dr. A. Anderson

Five components of the one-year Elite Program:
  • Assessment Profile – offers valuable insight and provides focus for your program
  • Leadership Launch – a review of your Profile and tailoring a plan for the year ahead
  • One-on-One Coaching Sessions – two, fifty-five-minute calls each month
  • Personal Leadership VIP Day – full day, in person session, dedicated to your development
  • Advanced Seminars – continue training in small groups, offered at special rates to members

Your coach will provide support and structure to propel you to the next level of leadership and aid you in removing any blocks or limitations along the way. Create your vision, stay on track and achieve your goals by partnering with your coach during twice-monthly one-on-one calls.

Outcomes and Results:
  • Identify and rediscover what gives your life meaning
  • Immediate improvements in communication with team and family
  • Dramatic drop in stress and office drama with improved productivity
  • Increased satisfaction in the workplace for leader and team
  • Become the leader you always knew you could be
  • Take fear-free vacations

The Elite Program is intended for individuals committed to growth, willing to make a change, and seeking to significantly improve the quality of their lives. Choose from two tracks in this exciting program that best match your goals.

Elite-Personal for an individualized coaching experience as outlined in this section and watch the quality of your personal and professional relationships excel.

Elite-Professional takes individualized coaching and adds an onsite team building day. Build the practice of your dreams with this integrative approach.

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