Build THE Business You Want and the Life You Can Love

Do you wish you were happier and less stressed?

Do you want less drama and more comradery in the office?

Would you like to feel re-energized in work and relationships??

Imagine finding a new sense of inner peace.

We can support you in getting there.

Live a Life You Can Love

Leading a dental practice, you find yourself in the roles of CEO and main income producer. It’s a unique situation that would challenge any business leader.

Inner Legacy Seminars and Corporate Legacy programs focus on the relational side of leading your practice. When this vital, human side of leading is combined with clinical excellence, your practice’s production and personal satisfaction will soar.

We work with you to develop your own natural personal leadership skills.

This approach offers immediate results, while not relying on ill-fitting management theory or memorizing leadership slogans. Our programs are designed for the challenges faced by referral-based dental practices. They are designed for making up your own mind… allowing you to find your own answers to your own unique challenges.

To Build a Better Life and Business… We’ll Come to You

Invest in your team to take culture and communication to a new level. Identify and develop co-leaders in your organization. Create a team whose members support one another and share your vision.

Corporate Legacy

Experience an exciting team-driven option, Corporate Legacy, where the Legacy team visits your hometown for 1-2 days of team building, in seminar or workshop formats. Develop a high-functioning practice with a tailored program based on your specific team dynamics and work styles.

Corporate Legacy Options:
  • Team Culture and Communication
  • Team Renewal
  • Values-Vison-Mission

Team Culture and Communication is focused on leadership development for doctors and their teams. Taught in a dynamic group setting, teams work together to identify communication styles that lead to improved flow at the office. Teams learn skills and tools that benefit both their professional and personal lives. The most significant outcome is a happier, more productive workplace with a dramatic drop in office drama, reduction in stress-levels and improved relationships.

Team Renewal is a one-day course to refresh your team and recharge everyone’s batteries. The result is a cohesive, dedicated team with all members working together to offer the best patient care. You will notice a greater joy and ease of operations. This program provides an incredible dose of positivity to the environment and results in a reinvigorated team.

Values-Vision-Mission workshops guide dental practices in developing their own vision. A step-by-step process aids in defining the owner’s values and setting the foundation for the vision and mission.

Day one: the owner and co-leaders determine the vision. A clear vision provides the framework to guide teams with focus, and to achieve performance goals. Day two: the full team refines and completes the vision. Through this process of participation, the team develops a sense of ownership and synergy that supports its members, and the vision of the practice.

Results and Outcomes:
  • Positive work environment and improved patient referrals
  • Clear, concise, and credible communication with a unified team
  • Reputation as “The practice to work for”
  • Improved productivity and new-hire onboarding
  • A motivated team that looks forward to every day

Corporate Legacy Programs help build teams that enjoy working and supporting each other. When a team is happy, and secure in a vision, they perform better, and are less stressed, they produce highly-satisfied patients and stronger referral relationships.

The Corporate Legacy process begins, prior to your visit, with team interviews and establishing objectives and desired improvements with the practice owner.

Your team, and practice, can only benefit from improved relationships in the office, at home and in the community.

We will help bring your team together, decrease stress for all involved, and reinvigorate your office environment. Call to arrange an informational consultation.

If this looks good to you and you have a few questions, then talk with one of many offices that have executed bold turn-arounds using the Legacy method.

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