How many of you are in a leadership role?

Would you like people just to do what you want them to do without any fuss and maybe without even telling them?

Everyone is a leader in some way and whether you are the leader in your business, or in a leadership position, or in your community or in your family… You can lead easily, be more comfortable and more peaceful.  Are mother’s leaders? Absolutely

I have been in many positions of leadership I have been on the leadership team and dance captain of Radio City’s Christmas Spectacular Radio City Music hall when I was a professional dancer, in my first career. I have also worked my way up from car washer to coach, teacher and director of Operations for The Garden Company, A personal development seminar company

I am now the leader in my own business where I help hundreds of people make changes, in seminars, one on one. I am also the CEO for Ace Goerig’s Endo Mastery-

And you know it can be exhilarating to be a leader and it can be frustrating, anxiety driven, and I remember sleepless nights tossing and turning where I though the pressure would explode in my head and countess frustrating conversation trying to direct people and really- just to figure out how to get results.

You are tired of feeling ineffective as a leader?

Wishing someone else was the leader and dreading every moment of it?
Or if you want to be at work or at home and be respected and not stress when you have address something?

By the end of this talk you will walk away with a new perspective and one easy tool to be a better leader immediately

3 blocks or things that get in our way to leading effortlessly and what we can do about it

3 things

FEAR: shift from leading from fear and control to lead by inspiration

Deserve Level– to Up level – Look at your Deserve level – how worthy do you feel and breaking through to the next level

Negative mindset– Change your mindset- from someone who blames to someone who owns it and leads by example

Lets talk about fear-
Fear of failure, conflict, fear of hurting someone, fear that nothing will change, fear of change, fear of the unknown and even fear of success and leaving people behind

How do I know I am afraid? And effecting my leadership?

Is there anything you are NOT addressing and should in your office?

Is there anywhere in your life where that you are controlling of yourself or other people?

Fear- shows up- if I am not addressing something then why? What am I afraid of?

It would show up as control. Some people are more controlling of themselves and some people are more controlling of other people.

Control is simply me trying to feel safe, I control to feel safe.

Control myself- what I say what I do see me in a certain way

Other people- for fear it won’t be right

What is your style- are you more controlling of yourself? Other people? Or 50/50? Spread the love?